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Training with Dan Roberts


In Dan’s Kensington studio


Hello everyone,

So I’m super fortunate to be training with personal trainer Dan Roberts. Just a quick look over his CV of A list bodies he has helped whip into shape is enough to make the eyes water.

I started training with Dan at the beginning of the year. I wasn’t out of shape but I wanted to take my career to the next level and Dan is the man that could help!

Initially we started out learning the moves with a combination of weight training and cardio. He would also film me doing the moves so I could check my form and see what needs improving. It is also great because when I go home to train on my own I can remember exactly everything we have done.

Dan is a very kind and positive trainer, his approach is different to any trainers I have worked with before. He doesn’t shout at me (instead he is encouraging) but you know there are no excuses with him and you especially don’t want to mess around with someone who is trained in Muay Thai!!!

Alongside my training in the gym, I have signed up to be a Brand Ambassador for the Dan Roberts Group. I really believe in the company philosophy and I wanted to do some things that can help other people get involved. The first thing I did was test out his new Method X book designed for models.

Method X really got me focusing on each exercise I was doing and although gruelling it really does work! You can check out my first video chat about Method X on YouTube. Method X can be done anywhere and the idea behind it was so models could work out even when working away and unable to access a gym. All that is needed is an exercise ball, a timer and a bit of grit.

METHOD X PARIS CIRCUIT VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGt1mO-MlsA

You can see my interview with Dan Roberts here: http://danrobertsblog.com/interview-with-luissa-burton/

and if you wish to check out Method X or buy Method X click here: www.methodologyx.com/

Lastly, I have got involved in the #loveyourbodycampaign. It is extremely important we take care of our health and aren’t concerned with only the aesthetic but also how our body performs. I am working with Dan to promote this cause as I believe we need to promote a healthier approach to eating and exercise in the fashion industry. Check out the campaign here: www.TheDanRobertsGroup.com/LOVE

Dan is encouraging me to lead an active lifestyle, fitting in swimming, yoga, rollerblading and anything else around my training plan. One thing is for sure, I am feeling great for it!

Can’t wait to see where this leads.


Luissa xxx